Adopting An Australian Shepherd

So you want to adopt an Australian Shepherd. We want you to as well. But first lets talk about what an Australian Shepherd is and what they do, and why we have them in rescue. We want everyone to be on the same page and we only want the best for our Aussies. They have been through so much and we care for them like our own.

Rescue is a lesson in FUN!

Rescue is a lesson in FUN!

You will need to complete an application and wait for our approval process. Once approved, there is an adoption fee.

  • $350.00 for puppies up to 6 months old (A $50.00 Deposit is applied to puppies who are not spayed/neutered)
  • $300.00 for 7 months to 5 years old
  • $250.00 for 6 to 10 years old
  • $200 for our Senior Aussies (11+)

Not a bad price for an Aussie who is up-to-date on all their shots and either spayed or neutered and 99% of the time house-broken and crate trained. Some even come with a host of commands already understood.

Please be aware, we no longer allow out of state adoptions (No Exceptions) as we have found the task of returning is too cumbersome and our first priority is the Aussie.

Complete Our Adoption Application

What is an Aussie? Well they are a herding breed, this means they will tend to go into an alert mode and either chase, bark, nip or all three to get the moving object to stay where they want it. That’s their job, and some do it really well. So well that we get them into rescue because they nipped the kids, the neighbor, the mailman or the other dog. Sometimes they just coral them to the backdoor or the corner of the yard, again they are just doing what comes natural. That’s why we love them, they are smart and do what they were bred to do.

Sometimes you will want earplugs, they bark, they tell you “Hey, look someone is in the yard (or thinking about coming in the yard) and you need to know,” you see they are guarding you, your home and your family. They are very loyal. Would they attack or bite? Probably not, they are mainly alerting you, going after them would require energy they would rather save for playing.

Wabash and his happy ending

Wabash and his happy ending

See this is what Aussies do best, PLAY, they can dance with another Aussie and wrestle with the best of them, they wrestle so hard sometimes people think they are out for blood, but they aren’t, they are doing again what Aussies do best, wrestle and exercise. We always say an Australian Shepherd is like a potato chip, you can’t have just one. Australian Shepherds crave companionship, mostly you, but also another Aussie that gets them.

One other thing, they are also part velcro/super glue. They will follow you every where, to the couch, the bedroom, the bathroom, they might trip you in the hall, because they want to be with you. expect them to bond to someone in the home, don’t get mad if they follow them every where and you only a little, it’s what they do. Did I tell you they are loyal?

So if you are good with the possible quirks that Aussies have, we want to see one in your home. But they do need exercise.

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