Become a Volunteer

We are always on the lookout and on the search for volunteers. You can help in what ever capacity you can, as much or as little as you can manage, maybe it’s only a few hours a month, or a few hours a day, what ever your schedule, we are happy to have your help. See below just some of the things we can use your help on.

Volunteering Is Rewarding

Volunteering Is Rewarding

Transports. We need help with transportations, moving an Aussie from one location to another, sometimes we are even there to help other rescues move their dogs as well, all rescues rely on each other to help save our dogs, and yes sometimes even a cat or two has been known to travel along.

Reference Calls. We receive anywhere from 1 to 10 applications a day, just for our region and we need help. We need to call references and veterinarians to confirm that the families wanting to adopt our Aussies are the right people, they are of the caliber we would want to take our own dogs if needed.

Evaluations. We will also need help to evaluate the Australain Shepherds. They could be in a shelter, we would need you to actually meet the Aussie in that environment, sometimes this can be one of the hardest experience you will do, seeing them scared, shaking, crying, matted and dirty, their little rear-ends not making a single wiggle. Or the could be in a home, the family is moving and can’t take them, they are concerned they are biters, what ever the reason, we need to evaluate them and make sure they will not be a danger to a family to adopt, or the foster home they will be living in until adoption.

Home Visits. We will need someone to visit the homes of potential adopters, even new volunteers and foster homes, we want to know they have a home that can meet the needs of an Aussie, and the family is onboard with the choice to adopt or foster.

Awareness. We are working hard to create awareness and help others understand the breed, to know that instead of a shelter, their is another hope, a breed rescue, be it for the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie or the Pitt Bull. We want to keep them out of harms way and away from the last walk.

Fundraising. We need help at events for awareness, adoption events or even just one on one communications. We need people of all walks of life, maybe your a marketer, you could help with the website, create flyers, brochures or design a booth. Maybe you know how to sew, we can use those talents as well, vests for the Aussies, or maybe to bake treats or make our Aussome Tugs.

We need your help, your time, your love of the Aussie. Complete an application today and get started in one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. This is strictly a volunteer application.

Volunteer Application

If you are interested in becoming a foster home please continue reading here.