ADOPTED!!!! Bucko 1 Year Old Red Tri Male Australian Shepherd in Kentucky


Bucko (aka Bucky) ASRM 0151 is a 1 year old Red Tri Male who weighs 36 lbs. He came to us as a stray but has quickly realized how wonderful family life is! This adorable little guy will stick to you like velcro. He loves to be by your side, ready for the next new adventure–whether it be a weekend hike or fishing trip or a quick car ride to the pet store! Bucky is naturally very gentle and well mannered. He has a strong desire to please and is very smart and perceptive.

He currently knows all the basic obedience commands, as well as how to “shake” and “high five”. Bucky walks nicely on the leash, without pulling, and is also crate trained. Bucky came to us fairly shy, but over the past few weeks, he has gained a lot of confidence. He is still a little hesitant meeting new people, mainly men due to their size and deep voice, but that passes quickly with soft encouragement and a gentle hand.


Bucky is a medium energy dog. He loves to run laps around the backyard and play chase with the other dogs. And boy is he fast! He might come in a compact package, but he is quick and agile and gives the bigger dogs a run for their money! He would easily excel as a jogging partner or agility dog. Bucky is very sweet and affectionate and has recently become a great cuddle buddy! It’s like snuggling with a teddy bear, he’s so fluffy! He does well around dogs, cats, and has been introduced to horses and cows.


At this time, we have not had the opportunity to introduce him to small children. He does not jump on people or herd strongly so we believe he will do well with kids over 6 years old.


Bucky is up to date on his vaccines, has been micro-chipped, and neutered.

2 thoughts on “ADOPTED!!!! Bucko 1 Year Old Red Tri Male Australian Shepherd in Kentucky

  1. Hello, we are very interested in Bucky. We had an Australian Shepherd when our boys were growing up and have never loved a dog more. He protected our sons and everywhere they went he went. Zog the Dog was 15 years old when he passed away and we grieved for long time. Our children are grown now and we have grandchildren. My husband and I now own a toy Aussie, Boomer. But he needs a friend. He loves to play, loves other dogs with such a sweet nature. He is 9 months old. Please consider us for the adoption of Bucky.

  2. Thank you for interest in Bucko. If you are interested in Bucko, please fill out an adoption application on this page. Thank you

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