Happy Buddha Dog Training in Brooklyn Wisconsin

What is better then saving an Australian Shepherd, saving an Australian Shepherd from itself. With many of our Aussies, they come with a missing part, or broken heart. We know they suffer, be it the trauma of being taken to a shelter, which any Aussie Rescue person knows is the most traumatizing event in an Aussies life. They crave, no they need human contact, or they begin to withdraw and become poor adoption candidates. Or they come to use, sometimes no fault of their own with emotional issues that even from the best intentioned Aussie owners, they did not recieve proper structure in those important and formulative years.

Ranger is one such Aussie that we feel used bad behavior to get the outcomes he was after, eventually he worked himself into a frenzy, and knows no other way to deal with stress or change.

Enter Happy Buddha Dog Training, Dan Antolec, the owner and trainer at Happy Buddha Dog Training in Oregon Wisconsin. Dan met Ranger and immediately Ranger’s foster mom noticed a change in how Ranger viewed the world. We are hoping with Dan’s help, Ranger will become that perfect Aussie that will someday find that perfect forever home.

A quote from Dan:

As I mentioned, I am impressed with your devotion to Ranger and bragged about you two when I described the meeting to my wife, Faye. When we adopted Buddha and realized what a lot of work it would mean to rehabilitate his separation anxiety, we refused to give up on him. When he was hit by a car two months later and required very costly surgery, with no guarantee of survival, we refused to give up on him. When we adopted Gandhi and had to go through the separation anxiety process again…we refused to give up on him. And when we quickly learned that he could not be safely left in our large dog play paddock in our absence, we spent a huge sum of money improving the fence and gates for the entire barnyard, because we refused to give up on him. You and Kyle refuse to give up on Ranger and I am happy to join the ranks.

So if you are in need of a trainer, one that truly cares about his craft, the craft of saving and helping dogs that are often misunderstood, and lack the proper guidence to grow and relearn the world, please consider Dan Antolec with Happy Buddha Dog Training. We are and we are proud to recommend his methods to you and your dog.

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