Help Our Heartworm Positive Australian Shepherds Today

Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest took in and treated more than a half dozen heartworm positive Australian Shepherds in the past year. There are more who are waiting in the wings as the heartworm infection rate increases in the Midwest.

The cost for a vet to treat our heartworm positive Aussies runs between $350-$550 depending on where the dog is located. We don’t want to say no to these sweet, beautiful dogs and we won’t if we think we can help them, but our bank account has been taking some major hits lately. On top of the cost to treat these dogs, we also have our regular costs like spay/neutering, vaccinations, exams, monthly preventatives and collars. Not to mention if the dog comes down with something like kennel cough or an bladder infection, the additional exam and medication expenses.

We are saying ‘yes’ to dogs that other, larger rescues are turning away from simply because they have a positive heartworm test and we want to continue to do so, but we need your help to do that.

Below are the faces of the heartworm positive Australian Shepherds that we have recently treated or are currently treating. Each one of these dogs would have died, alone in a shelter, if ASRM hadn’t intervened and agreed to take on their treatment and care.


Beau has finished his HW treatment.


Max completed HW treatment Sept 25th.


Chip completed HW treatment in Oct 2012


Maxx was completing HW treatment, but unfortunately he crossed the rainbow bridge on October 26th due to medical complications.


Oreo has finished his HW treatment


Lady Bess has finished her HW treatment.


Rupert aka Rooster has finished his treatment.

If you would like to support us in continuing to rescue these gorgeous, equally deserving Aussies, please consider making a donation using the Paypal donation button below!  We cannot help them without your help!

Many many thanks and Aussie kisses!
The Aussie Team