Hound Huddle Doggy Daycare in Oregon Wisconsin

We would like to extend a large Paw and an amazing Aussie Butt Wiggle™ to Hound Huddle in Oregon Wisconsin for donating and reducing their day rates for Ranger, a very special Australian Shepherd, who is currently dealing with many emotional issues and doggy daycare is one of the steps we are taking to help him overcome his trauma.

Hound Huddle is allowing Ranger to do daycare to help him get the mental and physical stimulation he so dearly needs to help retrain his brain and not stress over life as much as he has been doing for the short few years of his life.

We encourage anyone in the Oregon Wisconsin area to patronize Hound Huddle, tell them you heard it from Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest that they are truly heros in our book, and in the eyes of all our Aussies.

Hound Huddle Doggy Daycare

Hound Huddle
1145 Park St
Oregon, WI

From the Hound Huddle Website:

What is a “Doggy Day Care”?

A dog day care is a place where your dog can come play with other dogs for the day in a supervised environment. Unlike a dog park, each dog is screened for up to date vaccinations, parasites and to determine, to the best of our ability, whether it can play well with other dogs.

Why do I need Doggy Day Care?

Your dog can come play, socialize and exercise for a half day, all day or five days a week, depending on his or her (or your) needs. In addition to the positive social aspects and exercise, a day at day care can eliminate days of boredom or destructive behavior at home.