ADOPTED !!!!! Lucille – 5 Month Old Double Merle/Lethal White Australian Shepherd Female in Illinois

Lucille is a 4 month old Australian Shepherd puppy who weighs around 10 lbs right now but she is a growing girl. She is considered a Double Merle (better known as a Lethal White). This little darling has a visual impairment of 30-45% and a hearing impairment of 50-60%. Lucille is medium high energy now. Of course as a puppy, this girl loves to play and chase anything around. But Lucille is also content to settle down with a bone. One of her favorite things is snuggling with her family. She is a typical puppy still learning commands and housetraining.

This little girl does not like to be completely in dark so like a small child Lucille prefers a night light otherwise she’ll let you know she’s not happy. Lucille is a pretty quiet pup and hardly barks at all. Though she does make cute little grunting noises like a small piglet.

Lucille is great with adults. She would be best in a family with children 6 years or older. Lucille likes having another dog around like any puppy though she can be a little bossy sometimes. She has not been cat tested.

She is UTD on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and uses HW preventative.

11 thoughts on “ADOPTED !!!!! Lucille – 5 Month Old Double Merle/Lethal White Australian Shepherd Female in Illinois

  1. What a cutie, please don’t be frightened by this lethal white business, it is not an accurate label for these dogs. Double merles are smart, lovable, playful and beautiful, we have a double merle who is deaf and sight impaired. He behaves no different than our other 3 Aussies, His favorite toy is his frisbie and He will chase it till you arm falls off. I whish I had room for this little girl.

  2. Lucille is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m going to place an application for adoption. I’ve decided to adopt another lethal white Aussie. My Marilyn Monroe (a lethal white/blind) just passed away last month. I adopted her from a no-kill shelter called Max Fund when I lived in Colorado. I now reside in Northern Illinois. She was 2 1/2 yrs old when I fell in love with her/adopted her, and she just turned 12 yrs old at the beginning of this year, 10 yrs wasn’t long enough! We treated her just like a kid, meaning she went almost everywhere with us, or we would hire a babysitter for her. Yet, you would never know that she was blind, she got around famously. We were her first and only forever humans and she was a blessing! Since I know how to care for the LW Aussie, it’s only right to adopt another one. We are the lucky ones for having experienced this breed. I LOVE THEIR SMILES!!!

  3. Thank you for your interest in Lucille. If you have not applied yet, please fill out the adoption application on this page.

  4. My application is done….I live in Peoria…any chance I can come see her? Thanks!

  5. Thank you for your interest in Lucille. Please contact the adoption coordinator in order to see a dog. The contact information is in your approval letter. Thanks.

  6. I applied over a month ago and have been interviewed and approved. I am interested in this little girl, is she still available? How do I get in touch with someone?

  7. Thank you for your interest in Lucille. Please contact the adoption counselor directly. The contact information is contained in your approval letter. He will be able to help you. Thank you.

  8. I adopted Hope, a blind deaf Aussie from K-9 rescue and rehab in St. Louis, MO. She was trained at Petosi Correctional Center through The Puppies for Parole program. The Missouri Department of Corrections has this program in all their prisons and has saved over 1500 dogs. She is an amazing girl. Hope is a normal dog, who just cannot see or hear. She is not a burden or a challenge. Hope is full of life,loves walks,riding in the front seat and playing with my other 2 dogs and 2 cats. I encourage people to adopt an animal that some consider disposable and unadoptable. I was allowed to take Hope back to the prison for a surprise visit when the latest class of dogs graduated. The inmate/handlers are all serving life and some are awaiting execution.It was an emotional reunion, and I was grateful to be able to meet the staff and inmates who saved her life. Because of Hope, I choose to see the good in the world.

  9. A woman recently found an approximately 6 year old intact male Aussie – white with gray ears…..visually impaired, hearing great. He’s been someone’s loved pet, but no one has claimed him. We are trying to help her rehome him. Any ideas? He’s very sweet and is currently an outdoor (fenced area) dog. Help!! 573-317-9385 (Blue Moon Sanctuary phone #).

  10. Has someone brought him into a vet or rescue to see if he has been microchipped? the first step, especially if you can tell he has been a pet before. What state is this Aussie located in? Someone may be searching for him, have you posted him as “Found” in the “Lost Dogs” website for your state, or checked “Lost Dogs” postings? Someone may be searching for this dog, also local pet stores usually will post “Lost and Found” bulletins as a courtesy. Please let us know what attempts have been made to find his owner and we can see if there is anything else we can suggest. Thank you for helping this poor, lost soul!

  11. I just realized Blue Moon Animal Sanctuary is located in one of the states we cover, Missouri. If you please can upload a picture of the found Aussie and a description, and a date when found, I can post to our website and also have him posted to our other social media sites such as Facebook. Thank you! I hope we can find his “missing owner” or if he unfortunately is not reclaimed, a new “forever home” for him. Thank you!

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