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Australian Shepherd Rescue MidwestAustralian Shepherd Rescue Midwest Inc., is a not for-profit regional rescue, covering Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky and Minnesota. We are a 501c3 not-for-profit rescue. We are 100% volunteer driven. All donations or adoption fees are used to meet the medical needs of our Aussies when they come into rescue, and while they are preparing with our foster homes for a new future.

Whether you are looking to adopt, and who wouldn’t want to adopt these loyal, and dedicated dogs to becoming a volunteer or foster home, Australian Shepherd Rescue Midwest Inc. is about the Australian Shepherd and the needs of them. Read through our site to learn what it means to adopt an Aussie, what to expect or prepare for.

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Learn the joys of being a volunteer with our organization, all our volunteers become great friends, some just from emails and phone calls, others from doing events and getting to know the name behind the keyboard or phone.

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Once you adopt, maybe you would want to add a friend to the mix as a foster home, we are always taking in more Aussies then we adopt. So keep us in mind when you think about your Australian Shepherd.

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