Surrendering Your Aussie

There are many reasons why people consider giving up their Aussie, including unexpected financial difficulties, a death in the family, moving to a new home, conflict between pets in the household, the upcoming birth of a child, busy work schedules and frustrating pet behavior problems. Although some of these problems are challenging or seem impossible to overcome, others may be easier to resolve than you think. It’s important to thoroughly consider alternatives to re-homing before making your final decision.

Naughty Dogs

 If you need to re-home your Aussie we can help.  We have experienced foster homes skilled in modifying behavior issues that open their home and their hearts to Aussie’s that have lost theirs.

Please click on the link below to “Complete our Aussie Surrender Form”.  Please answer all questions truthfully as best you can.  If you don’t know the answer, that’s ok, just answer that you don’t know.  Please include a photo.  We take all sizes of Aussies.  While we do take in Aussie mixes, we only take them if they have a strong resemblance to the Australian Shepherd breed standard and we can’t take a Beagle or Lab that you were told was an Aussie mix.

If for some reason your photo won’t upload please email a photo with your name and surrendering (dog’s name) in the subject line to

Please remember we are a non-for-profit organization and we are all volunteers.  Someone will contact you as soon as they can.

Complete Our Aussie Surrender Form