ADOPTED: 1 Year Old Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male For Adoption Michigan

Meet Ozzie, Ozzie is a black tri Australian Shepherd Male a little over 1 year old and weighs around 50 pounds. Ozzie is currently living in Clawson Michigan and is up for adoption. Ozzie is great with other dogs and has been going to Doggy Daycare and a boarding facility and has done just great in both.

[frame_center src=”×267.jpg” href=””]Ozzie is a Black Tri Aussie[/frame_center]

Ozzie is a lover of going on walks is ready to burst out of his skin at the sound of a leash. He loves to hike threw the woods and take long walks. Ozzie isn’t thrilled with car rides but will behave.

[frame_center src=”×267.jpg” href=””]Black Tri Australian Shepherd – Ozzie[/frame_center]

Ozzie is interested in strangers that come to the home, walking up to them and leaning against them for a nice rub, if they ignore him he will pester them for a little attention by jumping up. All in good fun though.

[frame_center src=”×267.jpg” href=””]Ozzie The Aussie[/frame_center]

Ozzie is in a home with 3 children ages range from 3 to almost 7 years old and does well, but his foster mom says she can see it overwhelms him at times. Ozzie has never met a cat so we don’t know what he will do if anything.

If you are interested in meeting and adopting Ozzie contact and we will pass along your request. Ozzie is not a New Spirit foster dog but a private adoption.

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