ADOPTED!!!! Abby Gail – 1 Year Old Red Tri Australian Shepherd in Illinois

Abby Gail is a beautiful female red tri Australian Shepherd and at just over 1 year old she is all puppy. She is red and white with copper points. This girl is great around everyone. She is a high energy girl that loves to play.

Abby is a very active little girl! She loves to play with her foster buddy Max. They chase each other around non-stop and like to try and steal toys from each other. If Max doesn’t pay attention to her (he’s a little older and tires quicker), she will bark and jump at him to get him going again. Abby’s favorite toy is a plastic watering can from the garden. She will pick it up and throw it around the yard. You do have to watch what you leave out around her though. If she is not kept active she will find something play with. Unfortunately, it may be a pair of your favorite jeans that end up with a big rip in the butt!

The thing that will make you smile and laugh the most about this curious girl is her love for watching tv. Her favorites are the Meow Mix and Beggin’Strips commercials. If she hears something that interests her, she will go right up to the tv and sit there and watch it. Along with watching tv she loves to be talked to. Abby will sit and listen to you and just keeping twisting her head back and forth.

She is house trained for the most part but still young enough where she can’t make it long periods of time being left uncrated without an accident. Abby has learned sit and lay down and has great leash manners. We are working on getting her to sit whenever we stop on a walk and she is slowly catching on. We were told that Abby gets car sick and while she is leery of getting in a vehicle by herself, but once led to it she jumps right in. She has been on road trips about ½ hour at a time and is making it without getting sick.

Abby is spayed, current on her vaccinations and micro chipped.

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