Tootsie, aka Abby’s Bio Written by New Foster Mom

Tootsie came to us in July and has had a long journey with her medical history. She is now ready for adoption, you can read the story about her journey by clicking on this link; there is a lot to tell.
One of the links in her transport called her Toots when she was being picked up by her foster mom in Rockford and it has stuck, and evolved into Tootsie. She responds to Abby and Tootsie, as well as a stern “Abigail Marie” when she needs redirecting.

She is a beautiful 4 year old Blue Merle that has A LOT of personality. This little princess will let you know when there is an Abigail injustice going on in the house. She tries to communicate with words but all that comes out of her is her vocal tendencies to tell you something. She is housebroken, crate trained, although she doesn’t like her crate very much and will let you know it, but will settle down in it after a few minutes. She is up to date on all shots and vaccines and takes monthly preventatives. She has some resource guarding issues but has worked through a lot of them as long as she can be the boss of the house with other dogs. She has some abandonment issues; so when anyone leaves the house she has a tendency to panic, but she can be trained and has been working on those issues since she came to her foster home and does not bark at all when her foster mom and the others in the house work with her at the door. Positive encouragement with her has gone a long way! She is very food motivated and needs a routine. She has a lot of energy and loves to play fetch and loves to go on walks or a run. She needs someone that will be her alpha and not let her boss them around. She is great with kids and people, she just wants to give them kisses all the time. She loves to cuddle and will snuggle up next to you in bed, on the couch or on the floor next to your feet. She will take all the love a person can give her and return it tenfold.

She would do best in a house where she can be the boss of the other dogs, or where she can be the only dog. She gets really excited when taking treats and needs to be told “gentle” when getting a treat. She loves to rough house and play, and will chew on hands and feet when playing but will never bite down hard, she knows she is playing around. Since her lifesaving surgery, she has been playing more and more with her foster Aussie brother Oz, they play tug of war and fetch all the time together.

Please read through her medical journey to recovery. This special little girl has come a long way since we got her and she needs a special home where she will be cared for and put on a pedestal. She will make an amazing best friend and companion to the right family.

Are you looking to adopt a rescue dog, a true friend and companion for the rest of their life? Abby is your girl. Abby is being fostered in Hainesville Illinois. To adopt this Blue Merle Aussie click the application button below and reference ASRM 0097 Abby!

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