ADOPTED: NS  0781 ROBODOG (Louie) 0781 Black Tri Aussie Mix Minnesota

Robodog is an 8 month old playful, loving, funny, Aussie mix that weighs about 30 pounds. Robodog will melt your heart with his unconditional love for you. He is a very energetic guy that loves playing any type of activity, just as long as he is spending time with you. Robodog loves kids and has never showed any sign of being irritated or wanting to nip. He is great with small children as well. He plays well with other dogs as long as he can get a chance to know them first. He’s great with dogs smaller than him, but larger dogs intimidate him I think.

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Robodog is mostly house broke but does have accidents every now and then. He loves the out doors, chasing chickens, cats and pretty much anything he can get to run from him, but he will not hurt them! He just wants to play.

Robodog listens very well for being a pup and will stop on a dime if you ask! He is a very good boy who is extremely smart and full of love. Robodog will make a great addition whether you have a family or live by yourself. Robodog is fostered in Lyle, MN. To adopt Louie complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0781

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