ADOPTED! Ally – 2 Year Old Red Tri Australian Shepherd Female in Minnesota

Meet ‘Ally-gator’!

Ally is a beautiful red tri Australian Shepherd girl with lots of energy. She’s appx 2 years old, give or take a year. Ally is a sweet girl who really loves to snuggle with her people.  Because she came from a questionable, hoarder-type situation, Ally is still learning how to be a dog. She is just now, after a month and a half of recovery,, learning how to play ball and go for long walks. Ally is very bouncy and excitable, as are most adolescent Aussies. Due to Ally’s exuberance, we think she could have sport-dog potential given the right training!  Ally gets along well with other dogs and some cats.

Due to Ally being an outside dog in her past life, men, very young children, and loud sound or fast movements scare her. Ally was also not fed properly at her last home; therefore her new family will have to continue to work on a little weight gain. She’s put on about 5lbs since her arrival and her coat is starting to lose that dull, brittle look that it had initially!

Ally has a birth defect in her right eye where the muscles in the iris were under-developed, but she has full vision in the eye. It just looks like she’s got two different colored eyes! Ally’s got some very minimal resource guarding, which is easily corrected by crating her during meal times or by simply telling her ‘No’. Ally knows a couple of commands such as her name, ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘off’, ‘no’, and ‘break’. She is crate trained, though she doesn’t always that’s cool.  Ally has a strong prey drive, she loves to herd and can, at times, be very pushy with kids and other dogs if they are running, therefore we recommend a family with older, Aussie-savvy children. Ally will need a nice family with lots of patience to help her continue to learn and be the great dog that she is.

Ally is housebroken and she’s learning the ropes of living in a family home.  She’s spayed, utd on her vaccinations and she’s been tested for heartworm. Ally is fostered in Austin Minnesota. If you are ready to take on this pretty red tri Aussie girl and continue helping her learn to be a dog, we invite you to fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION. Reference ASRM 0124 Ally!

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