ADOPTED!! Rascal 5 Year Old Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male Mini Illinois

ADOPTED!!!! Meet Rascal, a 5 year old black tri Australian Shepherd Mini, he weighs all of 25 pounds soaking wet. He is up to date on all shots, neutered, house broken and crate trained.

Rascal is one funny guy, and even with the bad luck he had in the past, he still carries a smile and a great attitude to life and the people he meets. He is sooooo sweet! He wants to cuddle and be with his foster mom all the time. He is a bit of a typical Aussie when it comes to being a velcro. He likes to play with his foster Aussie brother, Oz and has recently started chewing on bones in his new foster home. Rascal doesn’t like to eat in front of anyone, but he really likes his treats! He really likes cheese and lunch meat, he is very particular with doggie treats though. His foster mom puts his food in another room from his foster brother and sprinkles it with grated parmesan cheese, his favorite!

Rascal’s foster mom says: “Every morning Rascal and Oz (his foster brother Aussie) play and wiggle around upside down with their paws in the air!  They play and play and play. Rascal is the kind of dog that is sweet but likes to follow another dog around. When he first arrived to his foster home he was a bit shy and timid, but he has truly blossomed into a sweet and cuddly pup that likes to play and run around after his foster brother Oz. He cuddles up every night right next to him or his foster mom. He is a wonderful little mini with a sweet disposition.”

He is very gentle with people, kids, adults, everyone! He will be an amazing best friend to someone!

Rascal came to us from a shelter, he had been there for quite some time, and he was returned a few times, why we aren’t sure, because he is quite the character in his foster home, and while at first was very shy, he now knows no strangers. He rides in cars and walks on a leash very well.

Rascal-5 year Old Black Tri Mini
Rascal-5 year Old Black Tri Mini

Rascal had an injury to his right eye, we are told he was always bothering the horses at the farm he lived on and he was being to antagonistic one too many times. The horse he was bothering clocked him in the face, causing damage and eventually the removal of his right eye.
‘Antagonistic’ is not a word we would us to describe the Rascal that we have come to love! His foster mom has never seen an antagonstic side to him at all, just a lovable, sweet boy who needs a good home.

Rascal had surgery to seal his eye and he’s all healed up and ready for a home!

Rascal is available for adoption and he is fostered in the Grayslake Illinois Area and is eagerly awaiting a home. We suggest no horses as he is not good with them, but he is great with everything else. Complete an Adoption Application and reference ASRM 0043 Rascal.

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