Adopted ASRM 0394 Levi a 10 month old blue merle Male Australian Shepherd Wisconsin

Levi – ASRM #0394

This handsome boy is Levi. He is a beautiful blue merle boy who is still just a baby at 10 months old.  Levi weighs in at 53 pounds and is crate and potty trained. He spends time at his foster home playing ball with his humans and just generally racing around the yard with the other dogs. He is a med/high energy boy and needs 30 – 40 minutes of structured exercise every day.


He walks reasonably well on his leash, much better on a chest harness, and improving every day.  He is a smart boy that has great recall and is young enough to learn other obedience commands easily.  He knows sit and is working on off as he is excitable and loves to jump up to say hello.  Levi lives with 2 young teens but because of his size and exuberance we recommend that he not be with toddlers.

In the evening when everyone is winding down he loves a good snuggle. His favorite is an ear rub and snout scratch. Or, if not, a good chew with a bone is ok too. Levi’s perfect family would be one that can keep him active during the day and be willing to cuddle with him in the evening.  He would rather not live in an apartment.  He would instead love a fenced yard to run and play and help burn off his puppy energy.  Levi gets along with well with other dogs and loves people once he has met you.  He can take a bit to warm up to new people but once he does you are his pal for life.



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