ADOPTED!!! Bindi – 6 Year Old Double Merle/Lethal Australian Shepherd Female in Wisconsin

Bindi is a sweet 6 year old double merle (as known as lethal white) Australian Shepherd. She’s what we call a ‘Tweenie’ Aussie, she’s larger than a Mini but smaller than a standard. At 35lbs, she’s just the perfect size! Bindi has starburst pupils in her blue eyes, but she seems to see normally. We thought she was completely deaf, however she seems to hear some specific ranges. For instance, she can occasionally pick up Mariah Carey’s whistle register!

Bindi gets along fantastically with other dogs of all sizes, ages and genders. Both her temp and long term foster homes have 4+ resident dogs in the home and Bindi just loves having so many playmates! She seems to watch and learn from the other dogs in the home so we would like for her to be adopted into a home with at least one other friendly canine for her to hang with. She also gets along just fine with cats! Her favorite toys are the kind that bounce funny, such as Kongs or tennis balls, but she also loves a good game of tug or Frisbee.

This little darling naps…a lot! When she’s not running around and playing, she’s zonked out in the middle of the living room and she is more than willing to share the couch with you for a cozy movie night. She has wonderful house manners and is totally housebroken. She is even learned how to use the doggy door. Bindi is not a big fan of being crated. Being confined seems to make her very anxious and she will make a stink about being in a crate. This has not been an issue though, as Bindi has proven herself loose in the house and is not destructive when left to her own devices. She does not counter surf or dumpster dive (though a dog-proofed house is recommended so she’s not tempted!)

Bindi walks well on a leash, but she’s very strong if she decides that she needs to go see something. She rides very nicely in a vehicle and will sit and look out the window. Bindi doesn’t know many strangers, but if she sees somebody (human or 4-legged) outside of the house, she will alert bark as most Aussies do. Occasionally she will pop up from a nap and bark a few times if she thinks she felt a door close or something. Overall, Bindi will make a fantastic family member for a family who is willing to continue her training and keep her socialized.

Bindi is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworm.

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