ADOPTED: Buddy 9 Year Old Male Black Tri Australian Shepherd ASRM 0482

ADOPTED: Meet Buddy, a 9 year old Black Tri male Australian Shepherd, who is on the larger scale of the Aussies at around 72 pounds, we feel it’s winter fat and will be worked off to a nice 55-57 pounds. Buddy is heartworm negative, up to date on all his shots and is house trained as well as microchipped.

Buddy will adapt to your activity level, though he currently is walking 4 times a day, 20 minute clips as well as out door play activity. Buddy loves trail walking and is a car ride enthusiast.

Buddy needs some minor adjustments that are just things we like to see better, though he does not like a crate, but will stay in a room without issue. He is Thunderphobic (many Aussies are it seems) and needs to learn dog park rules better. Buddy is working on his commands and not to pull on a leash at times.

Buddy is truly a large fury bundle of love and attention, he gets along with other dogs, when on walks or where ever, no dog is a stranger, nor are people. While this is great, it can be intimidating having a black ball of fur coming at you. Buddy enjoys the company of humans greatly.