ADOPTED: Cody 6 Year Old Red Merle Male Australian Shepherd

Meet Cody a 6 year old Australian Shepherd with the Red Merle markings. Cody has a moderate to high level prey drive and energy level. Cody is a medium sized Standard Aussie weighing in at 39 pounds. Cody is completely up to date on all his shots, is neutered and is housebroken, as well as micro-chipped.

Cody came to use from a home with small toddlers and was very well behaved around them but we currently do not have him in a home with any children at all. Our suggestion is since he is an Australian Shepherd, who does display a strong prey drive that children under 10 probably are not a good match, as he will probably chase them and herd them, be it bumping, nipping at their heels or vocally telling them to return to the house or stay out of the yard, depending on what he perceives them to be doing. A VERY TYPICAL Aussie trait.

Cody did live with a cat and was around some barn cats. He will do fine if your home has a cat as he understands and respects the boundary of cats. A quick tap on the nose or a more serious cat scratch is probably all Cody would need to give the cat it’s space. Cody is also currently in a foster home with many dogs. Cody understands the pack order and respects those boundaries as well. Cody will play with other dogs and will play well by himself. Cody does love toys and while stuffed toy will eventually get gutted he is good with what he sees as his toys, be prefers not to share if he doesn’t have to.

Cody is not going to be a couch potato dog, so if he is not given exercise he will as most dogs, especially Australian Shepherds, become bored and possibly destructive, this would entail a lot of chewing on items he shouldn’t and barking to gain attention. So we expect that the person interested in Cody is adopting the breed, first, dog second, you understand the herding breed itself and the Australian Shepherd temperament as well and will take Cody and provide him with the continued training and leadership that comes with the breed.

Cody does have a slight separation anxiety, again typical in the breed and would prefer he was with a human as company and he will cry or whine at first leaving but settles once he has distracted himself. Cody crates well and knows some basic commands and is ready to learn more. Cody is a quick learner and a definite wants to please his owner type guy.