ADOPTED!!!! Gizmo – 9 month old Black Tri Australian Shepherd Female Puppy in Illinois
Gizmo is a 9 month old female black tri Australian Shepherd.  Gizmo is a very high drive boundless energy Aussie and would be perfect for a home interested in agility, fly ball, rally obedience o r lure coursing to keep her stimulated and help burn off her never ending supply of energy.  This girl needs a job!  Her foster family jokes that she is the Aussie version of the energizer bunny because she loves to play, play, play and after a brief 20 minute nap is ready and rearing to go again.  Gizmo likes people and other dogs. Gizmo knows basic commands like sit, wait and down.
Gizmo lure coursing
Gizmo lure coursing
Gizmo is a typical velcro Aussie and loves to be with people as long as they play, play, play because she is a very busy girl. She is a rough and tumble tomboy who loves to chase and wrestle with her foster canine siblings and is very vocal in her play.  Her favorite games are fetch (which she will play until your arm falls off) and tug.  Gizmo also loves to play with squeaky toys. She loves to chew antlers, Kong’s and bully sticks. This smart girl likes to take all the toys out of the toy box and lay them out on the floor so she can choose just the right toy. Gizmo also is infatuated with with family cat, she doesn’t try to hurt him but she has an extremely high prey drive and will chase anything that moves.
Gizmo trying to steal the big Jolly ball
She is crate trained and because she is still young she should be crated whenever she is not being supervised. Like most young Aussies, Gizmo would do best in an a home with another dog for guidance so we are requiring a home with another confident mature dog for her to learn from and play with.  Gizmo is such an active busy girl that she will not do well in home with small children. Gizmo is a very high drive girl who needs to be kept mentally and physically engaged. This doll needs a very active home with plenty of structured exercise. A simple walk is not going to be enough exercise for her. Like most puppies, letting her out in a backyard without any supervision will result in digging holes and chewing on anything she can get into her mouth.
She is learning basic house and leash manners. She is house broken but Gizmo is still young and can’t always hold her bladder for long periods of time.
Gizmo is up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped, and spayed. She is being fostered in Northern IL. If you would like to add this adorable high drive girl to your family, please fill out an ADOPTION APPLICATION.

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