ADOPTED! Herbert ~ 3 Year Old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Mix Male in Minnesota

Update: October 4th, 2012 – Herbert’s seizures have been well controlled now since he began taking medication. It’s likely he’ll need to remain on it for the rest of his life, but he’s well worth the investment! Herbert continues to improve and has remained the happy, outgoing bundle of fun that he’s always been!

Update: September 24, 2012 – Recently, Herbert began having what appeared to be short, mild seizures. Over the weekend, he had what was very obvious to his foster home a full blown episode.  He spent part of his day today with a vet and after bloodwork and other tests, the vet confirmed that Herbert has epilepsy.  He will begin a test run on meds to see if it will bring his episodes under control.

Herbert is a beautiful 3yo blue merle and white Australian Shepherd mix. He’s mostly Aussie, with maybe some Lab or something!  He’s very unique looking and he’s sure to turn heads no matter where he goes!  Herbet does have a lot of white on him, but he is NOT a double merle. Herbert’s hearing and vision are perfect!

Herbert has been in rescue with us for a while now and we cannot put our finger on the reason that nobody is interested in him. He’s a pretty perfect dog!  Herbert loooooves people and is a great cuddler. He’s incredibly loving and affectionate and he is excellent in the house. Herbert even gets along well with strangers!  Though, if somebody knocks on your door, Herbert will alert you with his manly barking!  But he always greets those at his door with a butt wag and a gentle hug. Herbert’s bark is very deep and loud. He does NOT bark for no reason, only as an alert system which is very typical of his breed. For this reason, we do not feel he would be suitable as an apartment dog.

Herbert is trained to an invisible fence and respects it. He is currently fostering with another female Lab and a few cats, and while he’ll co-exist with the cats most of the time, his drive to play and chase would make for an uncomfortable situation for your cats.  So no cats in Herberts adoptive home please.

This beautiful guy is GREAT with children!  He’s very high energy, but he settles down well around children and doesn’t mind their presence. Herbert loves to play with frisbees and balls and stuffed toys!  He has the drive to get into agility or K9 disc. He’s easily trainable and knows a few commands.

Overall, Herbert would make a great dog for any active, dog savvy family who is willing to put the time and energy into keeping him exercised and happy! He’s a lot of fun and loves to go hiking, go for walks, and he’s even great off-leash once he has bonded with you!  He would love to join you for trips to the lake because he loves the water. But if you don’t have access to a lake, he also loves to play in the hose!

Herbert is housebroken and he’s really great in the car! He is crate trained as well! He’s been neutered and vacc’d and heartworm tested and he’s all ready to go! He is fostering in Owatonna Minnesota. Please fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION if you are interested in meeting Herbert! Reference ASRM 0076 Herbert.

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