ADOPTED: Iroh (Protege #0180) 7 Year Old Red Merle Male Australian Shepherd Iowa

Meet Iroh (#0180), a 7 year old, neutered red merle Australian Shepherd. Iroh came to Protégé after his owner became ill and was no longer able to care for him. He is a very well-behaved dog and loves any form of affection. He is very dignified though, and isn’t in your face about it.

For Iroh, there are few things a dog treat and belly rub can’t fix. He is completely housebroken, and while he really does not enjoy being in a crate, will go into it and stay quiet after a few minutes. However, at his foster home he is allowed to wander around loose and there haven’t been any problems. Iroh knows how to sit, stay, and come on command and is great off-leash. He also conveniently answers to the name/word “dog.”

[frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]Iroh (Protege #0180)[/frame_center]

Iroh gets along great with other dogs and ignores cats completely. Iroh LOVES one-on-one time with people. He does need to have some dental work done but he doesn’t let it bother him. Iroh exhibits alarm barking but is easily quieted and is never aggressive.

When coming home, Iroh’s foster parents are greeted with great excitement and affection. His exhilaration and enthusiasm has quickly become something they look forward to. While his energy and excitement are fun, they are not over-the-top and he quickly settles down, resting his head on their laps or lying at their feet.

At night Iroh keeps an eye on the house by laying in different areas (i.e. by one door, then on his pillow in the bedroom, then the living room). He loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed if you’ll let him, but is too polite to assume you want him all over your furniture. Wow, what a smart dog!

Iroh has the most stunning eyes. Each eye is two different colors! His left eye is bright blue on bottom and brown on top, while his right eye is brown on bottom and bright blue on top.

If you might be interested in learning more about Iroh, please email Jayne at While we welcome your questions about this dog, all adopters are required to complete a Protege Adoption Application before being considered to adopt a Protege dog; our adoption fee is $200.

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