Adopted!!! SPECIAL NEEDS: Luna – 3 Month Old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Puppy in Illinois

Luna has been adopted!!!

Say hello to Luna!

Luna was born on May 15, 2012. She’s a hair over 3 months old and definately all puppy!  Luna is a double merle Aussie, also commonly referred to as a ‘lethal white’. Because of this, Luna is deaf. Luna’s vision, however, is just fine!

Luna is a sweet little pup who is really enjoying learning how to be a house dog. She’d never been in a house before coming into ASRM and she’s getting the hang of her housetraining. She’s become accustomed to her crate and enjoys sleeping in it.

Luna gets along great with other dogs and love playing with her foster brother, Sam. He’s fabulous with kids and enjoys playing tag with neighborhood children! 
Luna has one comedic quirk, which is standing and sitting in her water dish, which you may or may not think is funny, depending on your personality!

Luna is up to date on her vaccinations and is a healthy little girl. She would love a family who has done their research on deaf dogs and is prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure her happy, healthy future!  Because Luna is deaf, she will never hear you calling her back to you, so a physically fenced yard would be ideal to keep little Luna safe!

Check out the links we’ve included for you below on double merles/lethal whites!
Luna is fostering in Bloomington Illinois. If you are interested in adopting this joyful puppy, please fill out the ADOPTION APPLICATION and reference ASRM 0119 Luna!

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