ADOPTED: Mango 6 Years Old Female Black Tri Australian Shepherd ASRM 0477

ADOPTED: Meet Mango, a six-year-old Black Tri Australian Shepherd who is on the small side at 30 pounds, is up to date on all her shots and vaccinations as well as Heartworm Negative, microchipped, spayed and housebroken. Mango is crate trained and walks on a leash.

Now for the good stuff ?

Mango, who came to the rescue because of a relocation and she has been loved in all her homes and has come to us because of a life change with her owner. Mango is a sweet, mellow, wonderful girl. Still, she has the heart of a pup. Currently she is fostered with a two-year old hyperactive pest of an Aussie who constantly pokes her to play. She not only enjoys him, she will also surprise attack him to play. She loves to run and run and run. She will play fetch for as long as your arm will hold out. Her foster human commented early on how she loves to chase frisbees. Once he learned how to throw one, he acknowledged that she catches frisbees when they are thrown properly. She walks great on a lead, but seldom needs one as she is Velcro when outside the home. She rides well in a car. In the beginning, she just hunkers down on the seat without moving. Lately, she has been sitting up intrigued by the open window.

Her only issue is resource guarding. When she first came, she would growl and attack her foster brother if he even came near her crate. Thanks to the advice from trainers, she has learned to relax. She and her foster brother now share the same bowl. She will occasionally pick a random toy or bone to guard, but that is rare these days. At no point does she guard against her humans as we can take food away while she eats or take a bone/toy right out of her mouth, she has absolutely no aggression towards her humans.

She loves her crate. She spends a lot of time there. She doesn’t mind the door being closed and could stay there for hours. Still, the more she socializes and experiences new things, the happier she becomes.

She has a very special blanket. She sleeps with it most of the time. When playful, she will bring it to her humans, whip it around with her head and use it to play tug-o-war.