ADOPTED: Maverick 2 Year Old Red Tri Australian Shepherd Male Aussie in Iowa

ADOPTED! This handsome guy is Maverick (Protege #0227). He is a 2 year old mini Australian Shepherd weighing just over 20 pounds. He has a thick, red-tri colored coat and one striking blue eye. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and has been started on a heartworm and flea preventative.

Coming into his foster home, Maverick was nervous, shy and unsure of almost everything and even still, some things are quite scary. It was almost a week before he really started to settle in and let his personality shine. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. He gets very excited to see his foster family when they get home and will spin circles in his kennel until he is let out. Once out, he will gently jump on us and would lick our faces off if he could! At times he would love nothing more than to curl up next to us for some cuddle time or even be held like a baby and have his tummy rubbed. Occasionally, if we are not paying enough attention to him, he will slide his head under our hands just so we will pet him more.

Maverick Red Tri Australian Shepherd
Maverick Red Tri Australian Shepherd

Maverick knows “kennel”, “sit”, “stay”, “no” and “off”. He is completely kennel trained and is kenneled during the day when we are at work and also at bed time. He can easily go 8+ hours with out accidents and is very quiet when kenneled. He is very good for car rides and will want to look out the window or lay down and take a nap. We have done some off leash work and feel that he has great potential. He has no interest in cats and may even go out of his way to avoid those he lives with. He is not overly excited when meeting new people and shows little interest in other dogs when going for walks or visits to the pet stores.

Before Maverick came to the rescue, he was in an agility class which he apparently excelled at, so that could something he might enjoy doing with his future family. He is a medium-energy little dog, and can be found playing with the other dog in the household, or chasing after tennis balls and frisbees (though it is WAY more fun to run away with them than bring them back to you). There are times, however, that he does not like to share his toys with another dog, but has no problem with you taking them away from him. When he is not playing, he can be found curled up on a doggy bed napping the day away.

Currently being fostered in Cedar Rapids,Iowa. If you might be interested in learning more about this dog, please email While we welcome your questions about Maverick, all adopters are required to complete a Protege Adoption Application before being considered to adopt a Protege dog; our adoption fee is $200.

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