Meet Splash (Protege #0147) ADOPTED
Meet Splash (Protege #0147)!
Meet Splash (Protege #0147)!

Splash was given her name when she came into rescue because she looks like someone splashed white paint on her face. But since being in her foster home, We’ve come to think of it being an accurate name for her because wherever she goes she makes a big splash!

Splash is a flashy black-tri color Miniataure Australian Shepherd. In addition to wanting to play, Splash wants to be wherever you are. She loves to be your shadow around the house, and loves notrhing more than the opportunity to lay across your lap after playing for some cuddle time.

Splash had a bumpy first week in her foster home. We suspect that because she didn’t have toys and a lot of attention at her previous home, she so loves having these things that at times during the first week she would bare her teeth and snarl at the resident dogs at her foster home. As the week progressed and she learned that there are plenty of love and toys to go around, these behaviors have subsided, and she now thoroughly enjoys playing with the other 4 dogs in the foster home, and is respectful of the resident cats as well.

Splash enjoys going to doggie daycare with her foster mom, where she has a blast playing with the other dogs, and wraps the daycare staff around her little paw with her adorable face and sweet nature. Splash had not been on a leash much prior to arrival in foster care, but has quickly learned how it works. She is most comfortable going potty off leash in a fenced yard, but is learning more every day how to potty when she is on leash as well.

Because of her desire to be with you at all times, she has a tendency to try to slip out the door with you any time you go outside, so we are working on not going through the outside door until she is told it’s okay. Splash is crate trained, and able to sleep quietly through the night, or while you are away. If she is in her crate and she can see you, she will cry for a bit, but will stop if ignored. Splash is a fun loving and affectionate little miss storing up a whole lot of love for her new forever family.

Here are a couple of videos of Splash playing:

Splash is around 1 year old, up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, and on preventatives. If you might be interested in learning more about Splash, please contact Jayne at

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