ADOPTED: Merlin 3 Year Old Blue MerleAustralian Shepherd Male Aussie for Adoption Illinois

ADOPTED: Merlin is a beautiful, sweet, affectionate and protective blue merle. He is crate trained, up to date on all shots, neutered and micro-chipped. He is working on being housebroken; because he was abandoned and left outside for so long he is struggling with this. He loves to go for walks and once he trusts you won’t need a leash. He won’t leave his foster mom’s side since the first day he came home; talk about a Velcro dog! He wants to please and protect. We believe he was abused by a man and has a hard time trusting them, once he gets some treats and some lovin’ from any man he warms up quickly though. He is not interested in playing fetch, but he loves to chew on bones and antlers. He likes to play with his foster brother, another Aussie; but his main focus is to please his foster mom. He would make an amazing addition to a home with a woman and some kids. He LOVES kids! He is very sweet and gentle with them.

Merlin Blue Merle Australian Shepherd
Merlin Takes A Bow

Merlin needs some help! He has had a hard life thus far and he is almost 3 years old. He was abandoned and abused in his first home. He was living in southern Indiana, when the couple got a divorce and their house was foreclosed, they left him to fend for himself in the backyard. He was lucky to be able to escape and dig his way out under the fence to find food. Neighbors saw him and fed him when they had a chance, but he was really scared to even go near them because he had serious trust issues from being abused. Unfortunately during this time, he was infected with Heart worm disease. The neighbors finally called the Humane Society when they realized the people were not coming back for him.

Merlin Blue Merle Australian Shepherd
Merlin Needs Your Help In Donations For His Heartworm Treatments

The Humane Society picked him up and he was brought to the shelter. Where he received no treatment and gained 2 eye infections. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the money to help treat him. This is where we, ASRM stepped in. He was transported with volunteers to Northern Illinois to his new foster home. He was treated for Heart worm which is very costly and takes time. His last treatment will be mid June. Since being on anti-biotic drops his eyes have cleared up and are back to being stunning.

Merlin Blue Merle Australian Shepherd
Merlin Is Not Looking Back At His Past, Just To See Who Loves Him

We need your help to pay for some of Merlin’s medical bills. Please consider contributing what you can for him. He is a gorgeous boy and will be an amazing companion for someone soon!

Even with all that, Merlin has come leaps and bounds to become a great guy, he plays with his foster brother, he enjoys all the people he meets and he is almost ready for adoption. Merlin is up to date on all his shots, he weighs around 40 pounds and is housebroken, crate trained and walks like a champ on a leash. He has not been tested with cats, but we think he will do just fine as he is such a loving personality.

Merlin Blue Merle Australian Shepherd
Who Can Resist His Face


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