ADOPTED: NS 0630 Abbie Black Tri Mini Australian Shepherd Illinois

[frame_left src=”×150.jpg” href=””]Meet Abbie[/frame_left]Abbie is a 9 year old black tri Australian Shepherd mini. She was found as a stray on the side of the road, she was horribly matted and very skinny. She is a perfect lady, she rides perfect in a car, walks excellent on a leash and uses the outdoors to go potty.

Abbie gets along with other dogs just fine and could care less about a cat. She is probably a little deaf, but sees fine.

Abbie would be the perfect Aussie for someone that is retired, lives alone and is looking for that perfect, dedicated, devoted companion. She would be fine anywhere, we just think she deserves to be the star of the house and get all the attention she can handle as she has lived a long time and is now without that forever home, plus she needs someone that will never let her out of their sight so she knows she is loved.

[frame_center src=”×299.jpg” href=””]NS 0629 Abbie[/frame_center]

[frame_center src=”×299.jpg” href=””]NS 0629 Abbie[/frame_center]

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