ADOPTED: NS 0732 SILOAM lethal White Red Merle Australian Shepherd Female Minnesota

[frame_left src=”×150.jpg” href=””]NS 0732 Siloam[/frame_left]Siloam is a 1yo female red merle Aussie. She is a double merle, which means that both of her parents were merle Aussies. The result of this breeding left Siloam with gorgeous white fur and without any hearing. But her stunning blue eyes can see just fine and she’s a happy, healthy, normal girl! She’s got some pretty red merling spotted over her coat.

Si’s best friend is the Rat Terrier in her foster home! They wrestle and play until they wear each other out. Si is very intelligent, very athletic and loves the water! She would do well in agility if you had a wish to do so. Her foster mom is working on teaching her some hand signals. She’s a very happy, silly girl with a puppy personality. She’s very sweet and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She’s great with everybody, loves kids and views the world as her personal playground, and everybody in it must pet her!

[frame_center src=”×330.jpg” href=””]NS 0732 Siloam[/frame_center]

Siloam had mange when she arrived, but she’s since been treated and her gorgeous white fur is growing back in the spots where it was gone. Deaf Aussies are no different from any other Aussie and can actually be quite a bit sweeter. Siloam’s foster mom has never had a deaf dog before and they have settled in together with extreme ease, which just proves that Si is an easy girl. She can be a handful if she’s not exercised daily. She likes going for walks and playing with toys! She is good in a crate and almost housetrained. Siloam is fostering in Carlson, MN. To adopt Siloam, complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0732.

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