ADOPTED: NS 0738 SCOTTY Aussie Mix Black Tri Male Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Scotty is a 6yo Aussie/ACD mix. He’s got the handsome coloring of an ACD but the long, super soft fur and tail of an Aussie! He is approximately 55lbs, but his fur makes him look bigger than he actually is. Scotty is a sweet, gentle hearted boy. He lost his home through no fault of his own. His elderly owner could no longer care for him and was forced to give him to rescue. He loves people of all ages and wags his tail upon greeting.

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Scotty is good with other dogs and appears to be afraid of the 2 cats he’s currently fostering with. He just ignores them and lets them go on their merry way. He’s a low energy guy who is happy with a walk a day and lots of loving. He bonds relatively quickly and will be a great family dog. Scotty is housebroken and has wonderful house manners. He likes to sleep on the bed/couch/dog bed or any soft, padded place. He is respectful in the house and doesn‚Äôt need to be crated. He’s quite reliable.

We believe that Scotty’s previous life was very relaxed and slow. He didn’t get any exercise which has made him a bit stiff. Daily walks and good food should restore his natural vigor for life. He was a bit anxious and heartbroken upon leaving his home, but after a couple of days he brightened right up and his foster mom says he is a wonderful, perfect gentleman. Scotty is being fostered in Mankato, MN. To adopt Scotty complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0738

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