ADOPTED: NS 0786 Blitz Blue Merle Female Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Blitz is a 2 year old purebred blue merle Aussie girl. She’s has one blue eye, one brown eye and a docked tail. She was turned in with Lillie at the shelter, as an ex breeder dog. Blitz is about 40lbs and is just a stunning girl.

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She is a rambunctious little gal for sure and we are working on getting her to stay down, she loves to jump on people! She really loves to play! She is really a great dog, especially when she settles down. She loves to cuddle when she does settle down and she always has kisses to give. She is a little slow to warm up to some men, but loves women.

[frame_center src=”×266.jpg” href=””]NS 0786 Blitz[/frame_center]

Blitz is pretty good with cats and other dogs. She is doing well on house training and is great overnight with no accidents and no whining. Blitz seems to be experiencing some things for probably the first time. She was frightened by a flight of stairs when she first arrived at her foster home and, when giving her treats, she doesn’t take them right away. She is very curious about noises and smells and stares at the TV when it’s on! We have also noticed a little food guarding with other dogs; she likes her own space when she wants it and she’s pretty protective of her food. However, she quickly stopped growling when we got her attention away from it.

Blitz is fostering in Austin, MN. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0786

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