ADOPTED: NS 0788 Mia Mini Blue Merle Female Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Mia is a 3yo blue merle ‘mini’ Australian Shepherd female who just came to New Spirit, so we are still learning about her. She’s gradually warming up but has a lot of nervous energy. She gets very nervous around new people and may have a fear of some men, but has been ‘caught’ snuggling with the gentleman in the foster home. Mia will do okay with new people as long as her foster mom is there with her, coaxing her along and calming her.

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Mia is good with her leash on a walk and will only pull a bit when she gets excited, but she doesn’t chase after anything and isn’t skittish with passing cars. She is still working on her house training, but this may clear up after she settles in. Mia is starting to warm up to playing and we are still trying to find her favorite type of toy, but we know she doesn’t like squeaky toys. She is not a chewer or destructive of household items.

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Mia is a very “velcro” Aussie who will sleep perfectly in her crate at night, but may bark if left alone during the day.  She is good with cats, other dogs and older kids, but we do not recommend her for a home with small children as she will knock them down.

Mia is being fostered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0788

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