ADOPTED: NS 0810 Hadlee (Hope) 8 Week Old Lethal White Blue Merle Female Australian Shepherd Illinois

Meet Hadlee, sister to Faythe, who came in from a long drive from North Platte Nebraska. Hadlee is 8-10 weeks old and is deaf and partially blind. Sadly both were found as strays along the side of a highway. She will need a home that will give her all the love and attention you can give, and she will give even more in return. We have adopted out a few blind Aussies, and honestly, they get along like any other dogs. Hadlee and her sister are settling in just fine at their new foster home. Both girls love to play with each other and all the other dogs and animals in the home, cat included, and they also get along great with the family guard Guinee Pig! Both girls play with the kids in the home and are well on their way to potty training.

[frame_center src=”×265.jpg” href=””]NS 0810 Hadlee[/frame_center]

[frame_center src=”×265.jpg” href=””]NS 0810 Hadlee[/frame_center]

[frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]NS 0810 Hadlee (Hope) 8 Week Old[/frame_center]

[frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]Faythe and Hadlee[/frame_center]

[frame_center src=”×266.jpg” href=””]They Love To Play![/frame_center]

Deaf dog links and information:
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Hadlee is ready for that special home who will help her with the long road, since Hadlee is also partially blind, she would do well in a home that has another dog, or if you like, adopt both girls, you won’t be sorry. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0810

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