ADOPTED: NS 0820 Nevaeh Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Female

Meet little Nevaeh, Heaven spelled backwards. Nev is a deaf Australian Shepherd who weighs around 25 pounds, is around a year and a half old and is always busy and always happy. Nevaeh loves to play all the time, she will pretty much do anything for a tennis ball, so she is more tennis ball motivated then treat, but she loves those too.

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Nevaeh is learning how to walk on a leash, she is pretty much housebroken, it’s more of a deal that she plays so hard that she forgets she needs to go the bathroom, but the tennis balls are working and she is learning that potty outside is how she gets her tennis ball. She will crate, though she is fine at night. Once she is in the swing she probably won’t even need to be crated.

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Nevaeh plays well with other dogs, she might take a day to warm up, but once she is she is fine. She rides well in a car, though since she is deaf, we would always recommend a harness/seatbelt or a crate. Honestly all dogs need secured when in a car.

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Since Nevaeh is deaf we ask she goes to a family that is prepared to manage a deaf dog, basically learning some sign language (what a great thing to teach the kids, and yourself!) and possibly a companion dog to help be her ears.

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Nevaeh has been working on being as cute as possible.

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    To meet this beautiful blue merle, who is in the Chicago Illinois area, complete an application today New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue today. Reference NS 0820

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