ADOPTED: NS 0837 Imnah Deaf Blue Blue Merle Lethal White Puppy Female Australian Shepherd Illinois

Meet Imnah, a 10 week + old blue merle puppy that is often referred to as a Lethal White. Imnah will be a full sized standard Australian Shepherd when full grown, probably around 40-45 pounds.

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The foster home that Imnah is being fostered at, is working on lots of regular puppy training like walking on a leash, playing nice with other dogs and enjoying the company of people and children.

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But this is the Hilton of foster homes and she also gets to play with a bossy cat, and a dog happy Guinea Pig, and an older Lad mix female and a rowdy Aussie mix male that plays well with puppies. Also the foster home is working on potty training and sign language so that the puppies will understand what we want.

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While Imnah and her sister Imrah are special needs, we don’t require they both go to the same home, though we wouldn’t mind seeing the pair adopted together.

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    Imnah is living large in Central Illinois in Bloomington Illinois, to adopt this white fluff ball, complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, reference NS 0837

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