ADOPTED: NS 0840 Mr. Burns 10 Year Old Blue Merle Male Australian Shepherd Special Needs Wisconsin

Meet Mr. Burns, no not the one that Homer doesn’t like but the good Mr. Burns. You see Burns is from Kentucky, and we think he was used to sire many puppies in a puppy mill, in other words a puppy mill stud, who was probably no longer needed to perform his duties. Well in the puppy mill world you are pretty much out the door, either dumped, put to sleep or worse kept in a crate until you die. Lucky for Burns he was able to find his way to a shelter, only to be set for the long walk, you see Mr. Burns had lots of strikes against him, he was old, he was blind in one eye, he has teeth worn down to the numb from chewing on the wires in his crate, he was arthritic, and he didn’t have a gleam of hope in his eyes. He was then transferred to another shelter to buy him 10 more days of life while rescues were pleaded with to take this old gentleman.

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Burns was able to get to us at New Spirit, and he touched every heart along the way, causing many to cry and many to give him well deserved hugs and attention. Who was this thrown away Australian Shepherd that touched so many on his journey to safety?

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So now meet the new and improved Mr. Burns, he is around 42 pounds, he is around 10 years old, we are working on his eye (we will probably have it removed, we aren’t sure on getting him a prosthetic eye, but if we can receive enough in donations, this guy can walk away with some additional pride!) as well as we will remove some of his teeth from the years of crate containment.

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Mr. Burns when he arrived was very timid and unsure, but since he has been in his foster mom and dad’s spread up in Wisconsin, he has been given a new lease on life, he gets to have 2 other Aussies in the home to interact with, though they tend to ignore him, he is fine with that, he is just happy to not be crated, and allowed to actually loosen up his legs and run like the wind!

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Mr. Burns rides well in a car, walks good on a leash, is learning to chase a ball, he is completely a gentleman and uses the great outdoors to do his business. He is getting used to what it’s like in a house and he is in heaven.

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So if you think that everyone deserves a second chance, and an old Aussie who was made to sire a many a pup, is worth giving 4-5 more years in your home, we would be delighted, and so would Mr. Burns. If you would like to help offset the MAJOR medical bills he has incurred, please help out there as well, we have a Chip In jar online for him. Chip in HERE!

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    We would like to give an update on Mr. Burns, he had his eye surgery the other day and he is very uncomfortable, so any prayers and good vibes his way would really help him out. Mr. Burns will have one more surgery in a few months to remove some bad teeth. It really pains us to put him threw this as he doesn’t understand we are only trying to help him.

    [frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]NS 0840 Mr. Burns[/frame_center]

    [frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]NS 0840 Mr. Burns[/frame_center]

    To adopt Mr. Burns complete an application today at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0840

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