ADOPTED: NS 0841 Bindi Blue Merle Lethal White Female Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Bindi has arrived!  She is a 4yo female Aussie who is mostly white with some pretty blue merle patches.  She’s deaf, though she can hear a few select pitches. She’s got starburst blue eyes but has most of her vision in them. She will need to be kept indoors so she’s not in the sun all day as it can burn her eyes and skin.  But she loves going for walks!

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Bindi is approximately 40 lbs and has a very soft, full, fluffy coat!  She’s a very sweet girl who is very velcro and she attaches to her people almost instantly.  She will follow her foster mom around everywhere!  Bindi is crate trained, though she would prefer to be left loose in the house. She does very well and does not get into any mischief. 

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Bindi likes to know when her people leave her. Going off to work for the day is perfectly fine, so long as Bindi sees you leave.  But if she wakes up to nobody, she gets a little anxious.  She loves to sleep on thick, soft bedding and has just been a dream of a gal so far!  Bindi looooves cats and gets along with dogs and children. Her best pal before coming into New Spirit was a cat, and Bindi would lay on the floor so kitty could bat at and play with her.  Bindi enjoys tennis balls and frisbees and is a great play buddy.  She is housebroken and is relatively quiet.  She’s very cuddly and sweet. If you’re looking for a gorgeous gal to keep you warm this winter, consider Bindi! 

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    They just don’t make them much sweeter than her!  Bindi is fostering in Farmington, MN. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Reference NS 0841

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