ADOPTED: NS 0850 Neekoh Red Merle Mini Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Neekoh is an adorable 1 year old red merle male Aussie. Though sometimes I think he’s part bear cub in how fuzzy he is! He’s got a lot of soft, thick fur that makes anybody who gets near him want to snuggle with him. He’s a bit shy at first but remains sweet. He’s great with other dogs, in fact he’s so comfortable with them, we are recommending that he be adopted by someone with at least one other dog in the home. He also gets along great with cats and children.

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Neekoh is housebroken and crate trained. He’s got nice leash manners and he’s a pretty quiet dude most of the time. Neekoh loves to play and roll in fresh powder snow! He would make a great winter hiking buddy! He’s very playful but doesn’t bounce off the walls. When he wants something, he will bring his front paws up at you. Its too cute for most to resist! Neekoh is still a bit of a chewer and I dont recommend that he be left alone in a home until he can be trusted unsupervised. His favorite human ‘toy’ seems to be my area rug. He will pick it up by the corner and drag it around the house. But he’s quickly learning that that’s a no no! Neekoh is still unsure about hardwood or linolium flooring. He cant figure out why he always slips when he walks on it. But he’s working it out.

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Neekoh is fostering in Blooming Prairie, MN. To adopt Neekon complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0850.

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