ADOPTED: NS 0863 Xander 2 Year Old Blue Merle Male Australian Shepherd Minnesota

Say hello to your new best friend! Xander is a 2 yr old, 55 lb blue merle Australian Shepherd with a mission. He wants you to know he is always nearby, ready to go. His big blue eyes shine with joy as he hops in the car to go to the park or PetSmart. The dog trainer at our local PetSmart remarked how quiet and attentive he was when she greeted him.

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Xander defies the Aussie reputation by his friendly, laid-back attitude. When introduced to new people, he will wait respectfully for them to greet him. He is currently fostered with four children ages 10 to 6 and joins in their antics happily. This is one guy ready for any active family. Xander would blend nicely with dogs already in your home, as he currently lives with Aussies and Corgies. He also has played very well with the Rottweiler and the Pomeranians that live on either side of his foster home. Xander is colored like a double merle or “lethal white,” but has shown no hearing or sight problems. He is learning to come when called and is fully housebroken. He is reliable when left alone or overnight, but will crate up when you ask him. Xander is unusual that he is not food-motivated, but loves to play with tug toys. This makes a good reward for him when he sits or comes when called. This is also a plus as he will not counter-surf for food. When bathed and brushed, he sits quietly to endure the process. Not his favorite, but much better than most Aussies!

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Xander is a moderate energy dog, with a walk in the morning and an hour of good play at the dog park enough to make him pass out in a corner.Considering that he’s afraid of chickens, he would probably do just fine in a cat household too! If you are looking for a dog well-socialized to active kids and many different types of animals, Xander is your guy! Xander is fostering in Apple Valley, MN. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0863

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