Adopted: NS 0867 Cassie 2 Year Old Blue Merle Female Lethal White Mini Minnesota

Cassie is a very sweet and loving 1-2 year old lethal white female mini Australian Shepherd. Fortunately, neither her hearing nor vision has been affected by this, however (although given her age and puppy characteristics there are definitely days she’d argue otherwise 🙂 As her foster mom, I’d label is as more “selective” hearing.). Cassie only weighs about 20lbs. She has littered one set of puppies recently and is consequently not yet spayed, but will be prior to adoption.

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She’s a busy girl, who loves toys, bones, playing with other dogs, and chasing the squirrels outside, and the cat inside. She’s a very quick learner and does all she can to please you. You don’t need to teach her things twice, and she is definitely remorseful when she forgets. She’s learning the command “sit,” and is house and kennel-trained. She’s definitely a lover too and soaks up any and all attention you’ll give her. She plays well with children and will make her new family quite happy. Cassie is fostering in Minneapolis, MN.

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Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0867

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