ADOPTED: NS 0877 Mollie Mae 4 Month Old Lethal White Australian Shepherd/Catahoula Mix Female Minnesota

Miss Mollie Mae is an incredibly sweet 4 month old lethal white Australian Shepherd/Catahoula mix puppy!

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She is white with black spots and some very unique black merling on her head and face! Her fur will probably grow to a medium length. Mollie is a stunning puppy with wonderful manners. She gets along very well with other dogs, and she’s good with cats and kids!

[frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]NS 0877 Mollie Mae[/frame_center]

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    Mollie is the result of a double merle breeding, which has left her mostly blind. But her hearing is okay and except for occasionally bumping into things, you would never know the difference! Mollie is very laid back and lazy for her age. She prefers to just hang out and play occasionally. She loves to cuddle and insists on being a lap puppy. Miss Mollie Mae is fostering in Rochester, Minnesota. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0877.

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