ADOPTED! NS 0879 Benjamin 1.5 Year Old Black Tri Australian Shepherd Male Minnesota

Benjamin is a beautiful, loudly marked 1.5yo black tri MINI Australian Shepherd male. He is about 25lbs and won’t get any bigger. He looks bigger than he actually is because his fur is so thick and long and lush!

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He is good with other dogs and cats and actually seems more comfortable having another dog around. He was released from a retiring breeder and is very under socialized and is fearful in new situations, but it only takes a couple of days for him to readjust and then he turns into a total lover boy! He’s very sweet and while shy, he is desperate for love and affection. Ben loves being groomed and he will sit or lay calmly while you brush him. He enjoys his crate and feels safe there. He will sleep through the night without a single peep!

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Ben has already made huge strides in his foster home. The first day he was very fearful and would freeze in fear. But after bonding over a grooming session outside on a beautiful day, he will now seek out his foster mom and dad for pets and love. He loves being close to his people and he really enjoys being a lap dog! He doesnt protest at being hugged and will fall asleep right on your lap. He will high five (or ten!) when you hold up your hand. We are working on commands, leash training and housebreaking.

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This gorgeous little man will make somebody an awesome addition to the family. He loves women and men alike and will ask for attention freely, once he knows you will be nice to him. Benjamin is fostering in Blooming Prairie, MN. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Reference NS 0879

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