ADOPTED: NS 0900 Bellayre (Belle-Ayre) 3 Month Old Blue Merle Female Lethal White Australian Shepherd Deaf/Diminished Eye Sight Illinois

Meet Bellayre, a 3 month old blue merle female Lethal White Australian Shepherd. She is deaf and has diminished eye sight. She is being taught hand signals so her eye sight is well enough for training. She needs to be placed in a home with another dog as she feeds off of their presence.

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Belle is good in a car, and she is also good on a leash. She plays very well with other dogs and loves to snuggle with people. She is housebroken and she sleeps in a crate very well.

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    Belle is currently in the McHendy Illinois area and is ready for a family to show her the world. Complete an application today at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 0900.

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