Wogonda is a very sweet and somewhat timid lethal white blue merle Australian Shepherd male. He has lots of blue merle spots, so he resembles his sister Wanderoo quite a bit, without the colored ear.  He has good vision in one eye and some vision in the other, and of course he is deaf.

Lethal White Australian Shepherd

He is very laid back, but will allow Wanderoo to lead him into trouble. Being timid, he tends to be quite vocal when out of his element or afraid- his howl is loud, but he is very quickly comforted with a quick hug or bet of reassurance. Even though he is timid, he is a very quick learner- again, he can come, sit and down already.  He would be best with a gentle older dog rather than another rambunctious dog, and a home that is not super active but somewhat active. , He would be a good dog to walk with and take around town. He seems to be a good candidate for riding in the car, and if it involves a stop at the Ice Cream shop, well all the better!

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    He also LOVES to cuddle and is a great little puppy! His favorite position is on his back in your arms, as if you were cradling a baby. Wogonda is being fostered in Central Illinois. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 1017.

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