ADOPTED: NS 1020 Wanderoo Lethal White Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Female Puppy Illinois


Wanderoo is a lethal white blue merle female who will grow to around 45-50 pounds. She has a docked tail and is covered with blue merle markings.

Wanderoo NS120 Blue Merle Aussie

She is deaf, but sees just fine. She has one black ear and lots of spots. She is as sweet as can be- loves to cuddle and lick your face and is just all sweetness. She is also exceptionally smart (will come, sit and down already). Because she is so smart, she tends to get herself into a bit of trouble- she likes to escape through the fence (and every time I think I have her outwitted she wins again!). The good news is she sticks around and doesn’t wander TOO much. She does seem to find each and every burr in the woods and get it into her fur. 

[frame_left src=”×300.jpg” href=””]NS 1020 Wanderoo[/frame_left]

[frame_left src=”×265.jpg” href=””]NS 1020 Wanderoo[/frame_left]

She can find any contraband in the house (electrical cords, etc.), and is maybe a little too adventuresome for her own good.

She is definitely the leader of the litter! She will be more active than the others. She would make a great agility or obedience dog.

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    Wanderoo is currently being fostered in Central Illinois. Complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. Reference NS 1020.

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