ADOPTED: NS Private Rocket 5 Year Old Black and White Border Collie Male Illinois


Rocket is a 62 pound, 5 year old, black and white Border Collie. Though he is not an Aussie, Border Collies share many of the same traits (highly intelligent, trainable, etc.). He is completely housebroken with no accidents since he was a young pup. He has been crated in the past, but currently is gated in the back room of our house when he can’t be out and about.

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Rocket is an unusual Border Collie in that he isn’t high energy and he doesn’t require a lot of exercise. He enjoys playing fetch, but is equally content lying down near the humans. He is very trainable and learns commands quickly – usually within 20 minutes or so of repetition. Due to his size and minor hip dysplasia, he is not much of a jumper, so could not learn agility, but he retained most basic obedience commands learned in his training as a pup. He knows tricks such as “sit pretty” (sits on hind legs and puts front paws on your knees), “high five”, “say hello” (nose to hand), and “paw”. We give Rocket Cosequin for his hip and he seems to have no pain or problems whatsoever. He is neutered and incredibly healthy in all other respects with his shots updated every year.

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Rocket gets along fairly well with his 9 year old Border Collie/Austrailian Heeler sister, Darla. Unfortunately, he has started fights and had some resource issues in the past so cannot be left alone with her unwatched. He doesn’t actively seek companionship from Darla and would be happier in a home without other dogs or pets. We went to a trainer with expertise in Border Collies and she thought that he could be trained out of his dog/resource aggression.

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Rocket is very obedient in the yard and will come when called 99% of the time. With a little training, it could be 100%. He is very food motivated, and is very gentle when taking treats. True to his name, he has occasional fits of energy and runs around our yard like a rocket. Then he takes a nap in the sunshine. He would be very happy in a home with a fenced in yard where he can play fetch and run.

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Rocket is very good with new people when they are properly introduced. He is not fond of people who seem to be intruders. If he is in a yard, it should be secure from unannounced visitors and especially from children. Rocket does not seem to know what they are and is afraid of them. He showed fear of kids from the time we got him as a young pup. Since we didn’t have any young children at the time, or know any, we didn’t have an opportunity to acclimate him. We hoped that he would grow out of this fear, but we just don’t trust him with our 6 month old son and consequently have kept him in a separate part of the house unless we can give him our full attention or our son is in bed. This is unfair to Rocket, so we’ d really like to find a better home for him where he can be himself and be free to roam.

The best place for Rocket would be one with someone who is home most of the time and would like a companion. Rocket rarely barks and is generally a great guy to have around. He will play if you feel like it, but he won’t pester if you don’t. He generally just wants to be in the same room or close by to nap or roll on his back like a cat. We call him bicycle boy when he does this because his legs pump up and down like he is riding a bike.

Rocket is located in Chicago Illinois, but will travel by car within 4 hours distance for a good home. We expect him to lead a long and happy life with the right family. If you think you could be Rocket’s new best friend, please complete an application at New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Reference Illinois Rocket.

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