ADOPTED!!! Panda –  7 Month Old Blue Double Merle/Lethal White  Australian Shepherd Male in Illinois

Panda is an adorable 7 month old double merle Australian Shepherd puppy. Panda is vision impaired. He sees some shadows or light conditions. Panda relies heavily on his nose and his sense of touch to get around though. He can fill the space and knows when something is in a place it was not, however he should never run freely –in open he does good in a fenced area running with the other dogs, but will run into things. When Panda is called, he does get a little confused in the direction to come at first.

Panda loves playing with other dogs and we are recommending that he go to a home where there is at least one other friendly dog who will guide Panda as he grows up and tolerate his wild puppy antics. He tends to follow them around and do what they do! Panda has been introduced to cats and did fine with them, and he’s great with kids! (6yo and older).

This cute little Aussie dude loves to spend his time wrestling with other dogs and playing a good game of tug! Because he’s still all puppy, Panda needs constant supervision when he is out and about or he might find something to chew on or drag around the house. When he is not being supervised, he should be crated until he has proven that he understands the rules. Panda does alright in a crate, and when you need some quiet time, just give him a marrow-stuffed bone and he’ll work on it for hours.


Panda flies! Well, he flew once. He went from his temp foster home in Minnesota to his long term foster home in Illinois via Pilot’s N Paws! Pilot Dave reported that he was a fantastic passenger!

Panda will require an experienced home who will continue his training and turn him into a well-behaved boy. Right now, he’s a sweet and fun puppy who is still learning his manners.

This cute dude is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his vaccinations.

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