ADOPTED: Pao Pao 15 Months Female Blue Merle Australian Shepherd ASRM 0461

ADOPTED: Pao Pao, which means Run Run in Chinese. Pao Pao is 15 months old, a striking blue merle female Australian Shepherd with a stunning single blue eye. Pao Pao is spayed, heartworm tested as negative and up to date on all her shots.

Sadly, for Pao Pao she is in need of medical help, she has an allergy which needs tested for, she has what was diagnosed as a Luxating Patella UPDATE: We have been doing rehab and therapy. The balance of her donations went towards her room-mate, Reggie.

Pao Pao seems to have made progress enough to have been noticed and a commitment was made to ensure she will receive surgery in her later years. Pao Pao says thank you . 

Pao Pao is well rounded and enjoys everyone, humans big and small, dogs, cats and even the vet. She walks well on a leash and completely loves car rides.

Pao Pao is crate trained, potty trained and knows some basic commands.


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