Pax ~ Adopted July 2010!

Pax has done a complete 180 since coming into his foster home.  He is still a belly-over Velcro puppy, but he’s gotten bolder and is just happy to make you happy!  His Aussie grin rarely disappears.  Pax has learned to ‘sit’, ”lay down’ and ‘leave it’.  He is great with other dogs and his foster dad is doing a great job of introducing him to new people and situations.  He has met nearly 100 new people so far in his socializing and loved every one of them!  He doesnt pay any mind to cats or small animals and would probably do great in any family situation.
Pax is pretty much housebroken and is trusted to be loose in the house.  He does great in a fenced yard with a 4ft chainlink fence.  His new favorite game is playing ‘bobbing for apples’ with a ball in the kiddie pool!  He has not ‘spoken’ a word or offered a bark in more than a week and is the gentlest of pups.  He loves to cuddle on the couch and just be. 
He’s a very mellow, easy going dog and we dont expect that to change. If you’re looking for a ‘low key’ Aussie, Pax is your guy.  Pax has been neutered and he is ready to go home with YOU!  But be careful: If you go to meet him, you won’t leave without him. He is an instant charmer and you’ll fall head over heels!  Pax is being fostered in Austin, MN. Email for more info on Pax!

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