ADOPTED: Private Referral Stanley 3 Year Old Aussie Mix Iowa


Hello! My name is Stanley. I am an Aussie mix and I will be 3 years old on May 4th. My human parents adopted me when I was just a puppy, but now I have a human brother too and it has been hard for them to give everyone the attention they need.

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Let me tell you about myself. I am about 50 pounds, my coat is red merle, and one of my eyes is blue. I am a medium energy dog, and I am starting to calm down a little bit as my puppy years are ending. I get along great with my human brother who is 18 months. I also have a dog brother that I get along with really well (a boxer). My favorite game is Frisbee, but any kind of fetch will do. I also love walks and runs, there is even a park here that I sometimes get to go hiking through off-leash. I never want to get too far away from my parents and I always come back whenever they call. I can get a little bit of cabin fever if I go too long without playing, so it is important that we have time to do that. When it is time to relax, I am always happy lying close by my parents.

I would love to come be a part of your family and I think I would make quite a nice addition as long as we have time to play together. I am living in Cedar Falls.

Contact Brian at 319-239-5534 or by email at if you might like to know more about Stanley.

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